About Falcon Marine


Falcon Safety Products is the oldest and most reliable name in signal horns offering a complete line of 100% ozone-safe signal devices.

Falcon® Marine Horns were designed by acoustical experts and are made and tested in the U.S. Guaranteed to carry their sound up to 1 mile over land or sea Falcon boat horns meet all US Coast Guard requirements for sound signaling devices.

Our Marine Screen Care Kit features an Advanced Cleaning Spray for superior cleaning performance and a Microfiber Cloth for polishing. The spray is non-toxic and safe for use in water. It also dissolves salt. Additional accessories are also available for your voyage safety including Falcon Line-Master Mooring Snubbers, Rigging Tape and Falcon Horn Refills.

Whatever your signaling or safety needs, Falcon Marine has been long preferred for their durability, reliability and sound.

Stay Safe on the Open Water!

To learn more about Falcon Safety Products, visit: www.FalconSafety.com

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