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Marine Accessories

Marine Accessories

Falcon Marine also manufactures additional boating accessories including Falcon® Line Master Mooring Snubbers and Falcon Rigging Tape.

Our Falcon®Line Master Mooring Snubbers stretch to more than twice their length, if necessary, to absorb shock loads and protects boats, cleats and lines from the strain of winds and waves. Highly resilient EPDM rubber is resistant to sunlight, salt water and ozone. It never discolor or damage a boat. Unique, injection molded nylon locking system provides 100% safe and secure locking of the line with no hardware required.

Need tape with pliability and adhesive quality? The Falcon® Rigging Tape has unlimited uses on board. It allows neat conformity to many odd shapes. Ideal for keeping splices neat as whipping for rope ends, this tape has great strength, will not become brittle or set hard, and will stay in place.